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Media & Mass Communication (MMC) has been a fundamentally crucial subject in contemporary liberal arts education. It interconnects a wide range of avenues concerned with information systems, mass communication, public relations, print and electronic media, cyber journalism, gender, culture & society, advertising and so on—eventually leading to the study of their impacts on social milieu.

The Department of MMC thus provides a unique opportunity to the dynamic students to acquire both a strong theoretical as well as effective practical knowledge in multifarious avenues of communication and media with the help of state-of-the-art technological support. Akin to the university’s slogan “where leaders are created” the primordial goal of the program is to produce future leaders of competent media personnel as mass communication experts who are ready to compete and respond to the increasing requirement of the country’s media and public relations sectors.

In accordance, Advertising is the most contemporary subject to fulfil any Arts student’s creative quest. The program will provide a glamorous and a stylish career which is wide in scope and opportunities.

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